Display and sort columns

With the Display and Sort Columns you can choose which information that should be visible in the different views.

You also can sort, filter and search the data in list views. Begin by selecting which columns / parameters you want to see in your view by selecting a saved view list.

With the plus sign, you can create and save your own custom lists with the parameters you want to be displayed in the view. The view lists are saved to the user who is logged on.

Each parameter is displayed as an column in the article view.

You can also choose the order of the parameters and changing the order of the list by moving them with drag & drop.

Tip 1: If you have a long list with parameters and wants to move one "up", you can use the "up arrow" to send parameter(s) further up the list.

Tip 2: If you have many parameters in the list and have difficulties finding the one you want to select, use the search, F3 (Google Chrome),  and enter the name of the parameter you are looking for and it will be highlighted!

With the lock you can publish your list and it will be available for all users in the project.

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