In the heading field you can search / filter by typing all or part of the name / word. Multiple fields can be combined
If you add a - (minus) before the word, you will exclude them from the selection.  If you add = (equal) in front of the word, you will only see objects that has exactly the specified value in that column.
To exclude multiple objects, you can add a combination of - search in the search field, for example if you want to filter out all the doors of type D and DD,  you can type -SD -OK -SDD in the search field and get the remaining doors in the list.

With $empty you will get all instances with empty values in a column and - $empty filter out all objects with empty values on that parameter.

Write WC in the search filed and all doors located in rooms containing a WC is filtered to, even RWC.

If you wish to view all doors except WC doors type -WC in the search field.             

If you only want to see WC doors, type =WC.                           

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