Select models and levels

You can synchronize information from one or more design models to BIMeye. When you describe the objects you can select to describe objects from a single or multiple models. You can also choose to show only objects belonging to a specific floor/level of a model.

The first time you sign in to BIMeye it can look a little bit empty in the article view, this is probably because no model or floor / level is selected.

Start with selecting  models and floors / levels.

Show only deleted objects, displays a list of all objects that previously has been existing in BIMeye but now they are deleted in the model or have CQSync unchecked. The items in this list will not disappear until you have selected them and chosen to delete them.

If an item is wrongly deleted in the model, descriptions can be restored to the object by copying the CQ_InstanceGUID of the deleted object to the new object in the model. At the next sync the description will be restored. NOTE! This only applies to Revit!

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