User Interface

  1. Select App
  2. Project Information / Start page (also accessible by clicking on the project name under the button)
  3. Support Tickets,  creat a support ticket and send it to BIMeye support here.
  4. Feedback, If you have feedback and ideas about improvements, you can send them directly to the developers from here.
  5. To access the help documentation, click here!
  6. Width of BIMeye window.
  7. Select your language here.
  8. Logged in as, displaying who is logged in at the moment.
  9. Log out, for example you can do that if want to access another project.
  10. Application Menu
  11. Door Instances (Rooms, Articles, Object)
  12. Door Types, (If you work in Revit as managed types in this view)
  13. Revisions (timestamps) created in BIMeye can be handled here.
  14. Created PM reports is found here.
  15. Generated reports are available here for managing and downloading.
  16. General attachments and images are uploaded here.
  17. Parameter Group Lists
  18. Admin menu, is only visible for administrators in BIMeye.
  19. Report templates are administered here.
  20. Categories, Revit users configure categories of object to sync.
  21. Combine values, can be used to create formulas or combine values ​​using rules.
  22. Parametergroups, administrate here.
  23. Parameters are administered here.
  24. Edit all selected, use to multi edit selected objects.
  25. Copy information from a selected object to one or more other.
  26. Export to Excel, Export what you see in the view to an Excel file.
  27. Create Report.
  28. Create PM
  29. Generate combined values, use this to create / update the values ​​with the formulas or rules in the project.
  30. Create Revision, is used to create a time stamped copy of the information stored in the database, use Revisions to track and display changes in reports.
  31. Display and sort columns, making it possible to select which columns (parameters) to be displayed in the views. The view lists is personal but can be customized, saved and published to other users.
  32. Select models and levels, by using the Select Model and levels function you select which model/s you want to work with and which floor/s.
  33. Number of posts visible per page. NOTE! If you want to select and edit more than the 25 that is the default visible per page you have to change the number of items displayed here.
  34. Total number of posts (objects) in the project are displayed here (even deleted), if some filtering or selection has been made the number of posts is also shown here.


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