Parameter groups

Parameter groups have multiple usage areas.

They can be used for grouping and sorting parameters in the different views. The groups name then becomes a head line on the Instance and Type parameters tabs.

Parameter groups can also be used to create and connect parameters to for example Lock packages.

The Material, Painting and Colour lists in the new Room Manager is created with grouped parameters and a guiding parameter for Material code and Paint code. 

A guiding parameter for the group, e.g. a Lock code that is then used to "pull" a combination of parameter values.

It can also be used to create other types of connected lists, e.g. a delivery list with the name of the delivery agent as a "pull" that is tied in to adress, telephone number etc.

Parameters that does not belong to a group ends up in the General group.

Type and Instance parameter cant belong to the same group.

Parameter groups can also be used to give accessibility rights i.e. define who can read and edit parameters inside a given group.



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