Parameters, configuration

At the tab Information you make all the settings for the parameter.                   


Name is the name the parameter has in Door Manager.                   

Name in Model, here you define the name of the parameter inside Revit you wish to synchronize to or from the data base.


Unique Parameter, is the value unique Yes or No.
Only one unique parameter should exist to make the project funtion.
The value is CQInstanceGUID.
If it is not, the value should be defined as No.


Different Revit values.
Some parameters in Revit is displayed in one format in Revit but is exported as another one in the database. E.g. Functions on Doors (Interior/Exterior) is exported as 0/1.
If not, the setting should be defined as No.


System parameter, disables the editing feature. (The locked parameters is needed for the data base to function. Do not alter System  Parameters!)

Can be Copied -Yes, allows the value to be copied with the Copy function from one room to another.
No, the value can not be copied.

Synchronise to BIMeye, the parameter is being synchronised from Revit, Yes or No.


Synchronise from BImeye. The parameter is synchronised to Revit Yes or No. Synkronisera från BIMEye

Parametertype, defines if it is an Instance, Type or or a Room parameters that is defined.


Data type, define what format the parameter shall have or is having in Revit if the value is synchronised from Revit.


Create in Revit, used to configure what parameter should exist in the Revit model. Also the chapter Parameter Configuration.


Dont forget to Save!


At the tab Categories, tick the boxes for the categories that the parameter should exist at.



At the tab Parameter groups you can view what parameter the parameter belongs to, also see Chapter on Parameter Groups.


On the tab Values the paramter value can be added, edited or removed. Added values are then electable in the parameters list view.

Predefined parameter values makes the work with defining properties more efficient. It also minimises the risk or errors.

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