Create a Change log report

Prior to creating a Change Log you must have atleast two Revisions inside the project.

With the function Create Revision all objects inside the data base is time stamped.

A revision is created at a delivery or other point of time that you want to go back and track the changes to. You can manage/remove revisions in the Revision Archive in the menu to the left.


Now you can create a Change log displaying all the changes between two Revisions/Time stamps. If you select or filter to a given amount of objects, those are shown in the Change log. If you choose to not select or filter, all changes to the objects will be displayed in the Change Log.

Select Create Change Log.

In the Change Logg you select the paramters you wish to track changes to and compare those in the Change Logg. Different lists can be saved for different types of Change Loggs (click the Green plus sign to add a list).


Select Report type i.e.Report templates for the Change Log.

Type in the Change Log name and Change Log number.

Select between what revisions/time stamps that you wish to track and compare changes to.

Use Save and a Change Log is created.


The reports are located after the creation in the Change Log Archive.

The Change Log displays what has been edited, added and been removed from the rooms that has been modified.


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