Describe Functions

Descripe a Function

To describe a space, select Space in the menu to the left, click on the field displaying the space you wish to work with. When activating the space you can view what requirements that is available to work with.

With the Show and Sort Columns you can select what columns you wish to view as well as what away to display them. Read more here.

In the Search/Filter filed under the parameter name you can search or filter to the spaces you wish to work with. Read more about the search function here.

Filters or groups made can also be stored in Filter, Group and Sort under the View and Sort Columns here.

Located on the first tab, Spaces, you define the function for Room information, measurements, general information, climate, light, construction, ventilation, electricity etc.

(What parameters to be available and how they are grouped can be configured as an administator in BIMeye, read more here.)

Define a requirement or a function by selecting a value in the value list (1.).

If a value is missing in the value list you can add it with the Green plus sign (2.) and if you have mispelled or wish to make an adjustment you can use the Blue penn to edit the value(3.).

Notice! If you edit a value it is updated at all places in the database, not only the currently modified space.

If a value is valid you can tick the box for Valid Value, (4.) This means that the value is valid and can be displayed inside the design model as well as marked Green in the Spaces view.

All changes is automatically saved when you are finished making your additions (5.) and close the space.

If you cant edit the values due to them being grayed out and locked it can be due to the fact that the access rights you have to edit the values inside the model is limited. Roles and Access rights is managed by the Administrator and the Super Administrator of the project.

Edit all Selected

This function is used when you wish to define different properties inside different spaces at a single occasion and is also called Multi Edit.

You can search the columns search field and filter to the spaces you are working with, select (tick the fields in the left column) if you wish to define or edit data. Complete the task by using Edit all Selected to effectively enter or edit the properties available for the spaces.


Another way of working with the spaces is to group them according to one or multiple mutual properties, click the Grouping symbol in front of the parameters name.

The number inside the parenthesis defines how many spaces exists with this function and definition. Click on a row with multiple spaces to edit them.

The Orange field in the column to the left in the picture shows that the grouped space or spaces have different values on that parameter, click the field to display the different values. 

Copy To/From

With the function Copy From you can copy requirement values from one space to one other or multiple other spaces.

Read more about Copy To/From here.

For a value to be enabled to be copied it must be valid in the parameter configuration, read more here.

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