Report Requirements

Create Report

When you have completed your Room function planning you can select Create Report to display information in a document. How report templates etc. are uploaded and configured you can read more about here, the reports are configurable and the lay out editable. Report templates are created together with the project responsible parties at project up start.

Please contact us through support if you have questions regarding report templates.

Finished reports are present in the Report Archive where you can download your reports to be printed or created as PDF:s.

With the function Export to Excel you can report the exact information available in view to an Excel file. 

Create Change Log (PM).

By creating revisions (time stamp all information at a single occasion) all changes between two time stamps can be tracked.

These changes are displayed in the Change Log. Read more about Change Logs/PMs here.

Inside the Revision Archive all time stamps inside the project can be found.

See film here.



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