UI in Requirement Manager

1. Requirements, in the Requirement view you can se all the spaces that is created in the project.

2. Add New, create a New Requirement space.

3. Edit all selected, Multi Edit, used to edit multiple spaces at the same time.

4. Copy data From/To, copy information from one object to one or multiple objects.

5. Export to Excel, create an Excel report of what you see in the Requirement View.

6. Create Report

7. Create PM

8. Create Revision

9. View and Sort Columns

11. Number of filtered, selected and the total number of posts is displayed here.
12. Number of Requirement spaces visible on a page.
13. Revision Archive, manage your revisions here (delete).
14. PM Archive
15. Report Archive
16. Attachements and Images
17.Parameter Group Lists

Admin menu, is only avalible for administrators.

18. Report Templates
19. -
20. Parameter Groups
21. Parameters


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