2017-05-19 News in Revit Client!

In this version of the BIMeye Desktop Client we have done a lot of work to improve and streamline the synchronization process. And we are implementning a whole new sync process. Read more about the Synchronization process here!  And down here you can read more about bugfixes and other improvements in this version.  

 Export Parameter Info

 Another improvement is about parameter configuration. You can now export all parameters (name and settings) that are connected to your objects and then use that information when you create parameters in BIMeye.



 After you have used Export Parameter Info you can use that information when you create/add new parameters in BIMeye. All parameters name and settings are selectable in the value list on Start from parameter from model option in the configuration. You just need to add Name (If you want to change it), and set the sync direction to from or to BIMeye. 

Open Synchronization Queue

 Another new option is related to the new sync process. Here you can check the state of your synchronizations. Read more here.

 Export Images


We have also added a new option in the Export Views dialogs, you can now export your views in scale by using the Zoom to option and by adding an % of size value.

In the image codes in the templates, just remove the information of size in x or y to be able to place the image in current size.



Old syntax: ${image alignment="center" x="100":Elevationsvy Bild} 

New syntax: ${image alignment="center" :Elevationsvy Bild} 

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