2018-03-27 News in Revit Client and BIMeye!

and updated Client version for MagiCAD, and ArchiCAD 21 support!


Revit Client - Image export

Image export in Revit has been improved in Door, Room and also General image export with the ability to export images in scale and to choose resolution. The option gives that one can choose a scale in percent and also choose which dpi the image will have after the export.  When used in a report the image size will reflect the exported views scale settings. For an example a Door view set in Revit at 1:50 that is exported will on paper be possible to measure with a ruler (1:50) for accurate measurement. The options for this resides in the “Export images” functionality. The image can be resized at export with setting another “Zoom to” percentage. 50% will reduce the image size on paper to half its original size. In a report template this is combined with a report command syntax like this: ${image alignment="center":Parametername}
where Parametername is the imageplaceholder (Elevation, Plan or any parameter that holds a image) and alignment can be right,center, left







Ex. Report.


Revit - Requirement

Requirement has been improved in both speed and in a new way of exposing Requirement data in BIM client dialog. The dialog is now configurable with which data that is shown in the tabs for each requirement. The configuration is made in BIMeye database in the Parameter settings.



For each Requirement, Floor, Equipment etc you can choose up to 4 parameters that will show up in the dialog in BIM client as columns containing data. This will make lookup/choice of Requirement easier.



The new configuration of columns will affect both “Connect Room(s) to Requirement” and “View Requirement Information” functions.



The speed of reading data from database in the BIMeye client is greatly improved. Now there can be thousands of Requirements in the database and you will get a good response time when connecting a Requirement to a Room in the model.

As for now this new dialog is implemented in Revit client but will be implemented in all platforms eventually.


BIMeye - Reports

Report template name- In report archive you can now see which template was used for creation of a report.

Report template validation- When you upload a report template for the first time, a validation is made to control if the template contains correct commands, parameter names etc. Now there is an option to skip that validation and upload the template without a check.  It is of course a risk, unvalidated templates may contain errors that makes the reports don't work correctly.

You can also see if a template is validated or not in the admin panel in BIMeye there you administer your report templates.


Client- ArchiCAD 21 support

This update contains support for ArchiCAD 21 and solves issues regarding room information.

  • General:
    • Added support for ArchiCAD version 21
    • Fixed issue with sync of room names from BIMeye to model
  • Benefits :
    • Support of latest plattform of ArchiCAD
    • Possibility to reverse direction of room information.
    • Better support for specialcharacters like ÅÄÖ.

The installed program version after applying this update is 16.15.1


Client - BIMeye for MagiCAD Update 16.15.1

This update contains support for MagiCAD and takes benefit of new Requirement user inteface.

  • General:
    • View Requirement function now reflects settings in BIMeye database regarding data columns to be shown.
  • Benefits :
    • New user interface gives much clearer view over data connected to Rooms Requirement.

The installed program version after applying this update is 16.15.1



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