Command image

${image alignment=”center(left)(right)”  x="dimension" y="dimension": param }

We use this command if we want to include image to document, before that, this image must be uploaded to the parameter.  This command contain only one properties (alignment) and we can define three kind of alignments -left-right and -center. If we don't include any alignment, there is default -left alignment . After this, we can define image dimension, in x and y axis. When we define dimension we can define only x or only y or both in same time. If we define just one, the second will be automatically scaled to appropriate size. Default dimension is 200, and in default case we write just x dimension, without y.

.jpg format is supported in reports.


${image alignment ="center" x="120" y="120": param}

${image alignment="right" x="120": param}

${image x="120":param}


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