Command page

${page spacing="true(false)" fontSize="Value" removeEmptyParagraphs="true(false)"}

This command we use for print only one parameter per page.

spacing we use for word document, and if we use (true), we print rapport with paragraph spacing, or (false) without paragraph spacing.

fontSize we use if we want to define font size on whole document. If we don't use this properties font size will have default value, which is define in word office settings.

${page spacing="true" fontSize="16"}

Commands page and repeating usually use like first command in our template, when we want to define how we will show our parameters. We can't combine these two commands, we can use one or another. Command spacing usually use in combination with page or repeating, and default value for spacing is false.

Property removeEmptyParagraphs="true(false)" we use for remove empty paragraphs which are created by word itself.

We can use this property (removeEmptyParagraphs="true(false)") only if all other commands is placed directly on page, actually they can't be part of any other open xml element, like table...

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