Command paragraph

${paragraph type="normal(predefined)" color="red(orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)" bold="true(false)" italic="true(false)" strikethrough="true(false)" underline="true(false)" inline=”number” :Param1, Param2, ...}

This command we use for print parameters one after another in a row. In this case param1, param2, param3... are name of columns in data table of interior application, inline we use for mark which row belong these parameters. Property type defined type of paragraph which we will use, if we include normal we can include additional style like color, font style etc. If we want to use predefined style it's paragraph command which is described below like Command paragraph predefined.


 Command paragraph: Image 1


In this case, all print value will be red.

${ paragraph type="normal" color="red" bold="true": Plan,Host,Benämning}


If don't write anything for property value, there is default which will are appears instead.


  • Default values for this command are:
  • type="normal"
  • color = black
  • bold = false
  • italic = false
  • underline = false
  • strikethrough = false


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