Command paragraph predefined

${paragraph type="predefined":Param1, Param2, ...}

We use this command if we want to create document which is formatted on special way. This command contain only one parameter and have specific syntax, after object there is required type="predefined":  then the name of parameter. Predefined means that all style which we include will be display automatically, and we don't need any other style.  On this way we can create our own table, or print data which is part of text, these data do not affect the structure of the rest of the text.

In this example we will get name with style italic="true", bold="true" and color="blue".

My name is ${ paragraph type="predefined":name}

In this example param1 will be displayed with styles color="red" italic="true", bold="true", and param2 with color="green".

${ paragraph type="predefined":param1}

${ paragraph type="predefined":param2}

This command we can't  combine with any other which we are explained above.

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