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${table type=”object(instances,Rumskort)” subtype="GOLV(SOCKEL,VÄGG,TAK,ÖVRIGT)" width=”full(half)” header =”true(false)” alignment=”center(right)” border=”top,bottom,left,right,insideH,insideV” color="red(orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)" bold="true(false)" italic="true(false)"strikethrough="true(false)" underline="true(false)" padding-top="value" padding-bottom="value" padding-left="value" padding-right="value" : param1 width=”dimension”,param2 width=”dimension”,...paramN width=”dimension”  }

This command we use for print parameters like table. There are several properties that used to define the table view. Order and number of properties does not matter, we can include just object(instances) or just header or all of them or neither. Also we have type Rumskort and only if we include that type we must to define sybtype, in other case we don't use subtype option.

${table type="object": param1,param2,...}

${table type="object" width="full" header="false" border=”top,bottom,left,right,insideH": param1,param2,...}

First we can define parameter which we want to show, does that parameters are object or object's instances. We can combine that to view, but we can't use these properties more than once per table. If we don't include any of them, default definition of table command automatic include object property.


${ table type="object":param1,param2...}

${ table type="instance":param1,param2...}


${ table type="object, instance":param1,param2...}

First we define table of objects, and below we define table of instances of that objects. Table of instances we can use for Artikeltyper and Rumsförteckning.


Command table: Image 1

Command table: Image 2


For images above.

${ table type="object":Rumsnummer-, Rumsnamn-}

${ table type="instance":Plan,Host, Antal}


After that we can define properties like width=”full(half)”, header =”true(false)”,  alignment=”center(right)”.  

If we include width="full" table is show stretched over the screen(paper), or if we include width="half" table is show on half width of screen(paper). These two properties are pair of properties, and we can use one or another just once. Default value for width property is full.


${table type="object" width="full": Rumsnummer-, Rumsnamn-}

${table type="instances" width="half": Plan,Host, Antal}


${table type="object" width="full, half":Rumsnummer-, Rumsnamn-}

${table type="instances" width="full, half": Plan,Host, Antal}

If we include header =”true”,   table will show with header(title), or header =”false” without header(title). Default value for header is true.

In this case we will print just data without table header.

${table type="object" header =”false”: Rumsnummer-, Rumsnamn-}

But in this case ${table type="object": Rumsnummer-, Rumsnamn-} we will print table header with two cellsRumsnummer- and  Rumsnamn-.

Properties alignment=”center(right)” define text alignment, we can define right or center. if we don't include anything,  default alignment is left.

Properties border we use when we want to define table border, and there is six  border properties -top, -right, -bottom, -left, borderInsideH, borderInsideV. We can use independently of all six borders, we can use just several or all, all neither. Properties borderInsideH  and borderInsideV  we use when we want to define inside table border, horizontal or vertical.

Also we can define size of each column in table on percentage.

In this example we defined size of Rumsnummer  to 15%, and Rumsnamn to 45%.

${table type="object" header="true": Rumsnummer width=”15", Rumsnamn width=”45"}

Properties color, bold, underline, strikethrough, italice define look of table cell text.

Properties padding we use when we want to set space in pixels between border of table and values. 


${repeating spacing="false"}

${table type="object" header="false" width="half" color="blue" underline="true" padding-top="50" :Rumsnummer- width="30",Rumsnamn- width="70"}

${table type="instances" header="false" width="half" color="red" strikethrough="true":Kod width="25",Benämning width="50",Antal width="25"}




Command table: Image 3

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