Common things

Template should be with .docx extension.

There is standard for all commands which are in use for rapport template. Each command must be placed between the {}, also before curly bracket we need to put the $ sign, like this ${}. After the last commandProperties there is colon (:), after that there is list of parameters which are separated by coma (,).

Command is written in the following form. 

${commandName commandProperty="value" ... : commandParameter1, commandParameter2}

Where is commandName and commandProperty separate by blank space, and commandParameters are separate from the rest of command (command name, command property) by colon (:).

Between commandProperty, sign equal (=) and value there should be no space. If there is a space it will be treated as a syntax error, and created template may take an unexpected form, or even that it can't create. 

Bad example: alignment ="center", alignment = "center", alignment= "center", underline = "true(false)"... 

Good example: alignment="center", underline="true(false)", table type="object", width="full"...

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