Header and Footer

There are commands which we use for header or footer structure

Project information:

  • name - Project name
  • projectdescription - Project description
  • company - Company name
  • address - Company address
  • post_address - Post address
  • contact - Contact person
  • tel - Company telephone
  • fax - Company fax
  • email - Company email
  • proj_nr - Project number
  • assignment_task - Assignment task
  • status - Project status
  • responsible - Responsible person
  • date - Project date
  • user - Logged user

Form information:

  • form_report_name - Form report name
  • form_created_by - Created by ( user )
  • form_update_date - Updated date
  • form_created_date - Created date
  • form_status - Status ( from form )
  • form_revision_date - Form revision date
  • form_start - Form start
  • form_total - Total number of items
  • form_assignment_nr - Assignment task

In header and footer we can define font size and font theme, and that settings are stored in document. Also in our structure we can include description, short text, special word etc which can combine with other commands.


If there is a need to put some item in header or footer, we can do that. We just need to put exact name (name of column) of item between curly brackets.


If we want to print rumsumer in our header or footer just need to put this line on the place where we want to our item appear.

We can use item in header or footer just in template/rapport in which we know exact number of pages. If we use command repeating this data have no sense. All we have said here is same for form_totalcommand, which print all page numbers, but when we use command repeating we can't know exact page number in advance, so form_total command also doesn't have sense.

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