Connect your model with BIMeye

To be able to synchronize information from the BIM model to BIMeye you need to have the BIMeye add in installed, se here.

After installing the add-in, follow this steps to connect the model to your project in BIMeye.

- Start up your design tool and open the model you want to connect with BIMeye.

- Go to the BIMeye add-in menu and select Sign In.

- Sign in with your BIMeye Username and Password.

- Then enter the ProjectGuid (ProjectGUID/CQ_DatabaseGUID), and a Model Name.


- Your ProjectGUID/CQ_DatabaseGUID  you can find on the BIMeye start page/ Project Information. Copy the GUID and paste in the fileld CQ_DatabaseGUID (see image above).


- CQ_ModelName is the name that you want the model to have in BIMeye and you can see it for example then you choose from which models and levels you want to see information.

Warning! This name is not editable. If you change the Model Name in Revit and synchronize with BIMeye a new model with this new name will appear in BIMeye.


- When you have done this and have got this message, then your project is connected to BIMeye and you can start working with our apps. 


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