What is BIMeye?

Engaging in BIMeye

Engaging in BIMeye you will get a cloud based BIM data management system that brings speed and quality to your construction projects from idea in the early phases throughout the engineering and designing process and all the way to Facility Management.

Practically, BIMeye consists of a series of apps giving you the possibility to work smarter in a easy way, independent of any BIM or CAD programs. This gives all parties in a construction project access to the data all through the project planning and beyond to facility management.

  • One central repository for BIM data
  • BIM-data accessible for all project members
  • Support for different roles and user right
  • No need for the original BIM software

Why Choose BIMeye?

With BIMeye the efficiency of your work will improve, and you will obtain transparency, quality, and collaboration in your construction projects. The concept has been developed based on many years of collaboration within the industry. Through the close relations with architects, engineers and contractors we have discovered the need for transparency and close collaboration and the BIMeye concept is designed to meet the needs for cloud services as follows:

  • Work with data from many BIM models,

    (from different BIM software with bi-directional 1:1 sync)

  • Integrate BIM data to other systems

    (FM, ERP, Calculation)

  • Quality assurance of BIM data
  • Apps for streamlining specific processes

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