20160317 Nyheter!

Improvements in BIMeye

  • Support
  • New improved search commands!
  • Parameter configuration


As our experts also perform external consultancy they might not always be immediately available by phone. As such, here are some tips on how you can quickly reach support and have your queries answered.

Read more here.

New and improved search commands!

Now you can find a number of smart search commands in BIMeye, read more here.

Parameter configuration

Parameter groups

If you are an administrator and are configurating parameters in BIMeye you can now see what parameter groups the parameters are grouped under. The information can be displayed as a column in the parameter view and activated under Show and Sort columns.

Unique Parameter

Only one parameter must be unique in BIMeye, the CQ_InstanceGUID and that setting is now locked to the parameter. The locked setting has been placed to improve the configuration of BIMeye.

New versions of Apps

Requirement manager (ArchiCAD och Revit)

Requirement manager is an app to manage the requirement for an item in the project. It is a project encompassing place where all the information about a spaces function, equipment etc. are being collected. The information is accessable for all project members with different access rights and where users can view and describe spaces, create reports and track changes. You can also connect existing requirements to models, rooms and zones.

Read more here.

Revision manager (Revit)

Revission Manager is an enhancement of the App previously called Audit Trail.
In Revision Manager you can manage all changes happening in a project.

A change can be an object that has been edited, e.g. a 3D revision cloud or Revits 2D revision clouds.
The function knwos what drawings that contains the changes and you can collect all changes in BIMeye and manage them there.

Read more here.

New Revit Client:

  • Support for Groups
  • Improved Image export
  • Revision Manager
  • Requirement Manager

Support for Groups

Its with great pleasure we can announce that all Revit users now have the support to synch Grouped Instances to BIMEye!

As a consequence, it requires a few changes; inside Revit only text paramters are allowed to vary inside a group. BIMeye creates two parameters when you synchronize an object to BIMeye for the first time; CQ_InstanceGUID and CQSYNC.

There parameters are now of the type Text and are most easily noticed in CQSYNC as it is no longed controlled with a check box but now is defined with the command YES or NO. If you define YES you are synchronising the object with BIMeye and if NO is activated you are not synchronising.
The best way to manage CQSYNC is in a table/schedule where you can find the objects YES or NO attribute as well as edit these.

Notice, as Revit only allows Textparameters to have the setting Values can vary by group instance the same aplies to BIMeye. I.e. you can not synchronize values from BIMeye to Revit if the parameter in Revit is of the type Text och configurated correctly.


The function for Image exports is no improved.

You can now mark a collection of Doors (and Rooms) and upload the selected Images.

Revision manager


With the different functions in the client you can create changes of the objects (Selcted objects), 2D (Revit revision clouds) or 3D clouds. CHanges are synchronized back BIMeye. You can then edit the objects (Edit Change), display what changes that exists in a view (Show Changes).
Update information about a Task/Requirement or change performed inside BIMeye (Update parameters). Update the drawing with the correct change status (Update Sheets). If a Task/Requirement is completed you can turn off changes beloning to the Task/Requirement (Update visibility).

Requirement manager

Synchronize requirements -the function to connect spaces with existing requirements to Rooms/Zones in side the model.

View requirement information- display existing requirements pertaining ot the Room/Zone.


New ArchiCAD client:

  • Room association for doors
  • BIM Asset Manager
  • Requirement Manager 

Room association for Doors.

In the latest client a function supporting the synchronization of Room association for Doors and driven by the property Door belongs to Zone accordig to the opening direction of the door.

BIM Asset Manager

With the functions inside BIM Asset Manager you can manage all building parts inside the model the same way you are managing Doors and Interiors.

Requirement manager

Synchronize requirement -the function to connect spaces with existing requirement pertaining to Rooms/Zones inside the model.

View requirement information -display existing requirements pertaining to Rooms/Zones.

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