Welcome to apps!

apps.bimeye.com is the new address to BIMeye and all your projects. Existing users log in with the same credentials as before.

News on apps

  1. new platform
  2. new IT supplier
  3. one login
  4. new graphical appearance
  5. new support functions

New platform

The new platform makes it much easier to start up new projects, and copy information between projects. And alos the publication of updates has been improved.

New IT supplier

We also have changed  IT supplier and our servers are now hosted with by Candidator.

One login

Previously, each cutomer had a company-specific URL / web address to the projects in BIMeye. This meant for some members that they could have multiple addresses and different passwords to sign in with depending on project.

Now all projects are reached by one address apps.bimeye.com  and all users always have the same username and password


New graphical appearance

New buttons at the top to enter project information, support and feedback, new design in some views etc.

New support functions

Submit support tickets and feedback directly to our support team from BIMeye. All your answers are gathered and you can folllow a case and view the history whenever you need.

Support can also be emailed to support.bimeye@cad-q.se.



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